AWK001 Baker Acted-Hours That Never Add Up To Comfort 7″
AWK002 Recreant-s/t LP
AWK003 Landbridge-s/t 7″
AWK004 No Compromise In Defense of the Wild: Earth First! Journal Benefit Compilation CD
AWK005 Low To The Earth/Choking on Ash-split LP
AWK006 Consular-Allapattah Blues LP
AWK007 Theyeattheirowngod-s/t 7″
AWK008 Autarch-The Death of Actiacus w/ Headfirst! records LP
AWK009 Primate Research-s/t 7″ w/ Financial Ruin Records
AWK010 Cruelster-Potato Boys LP w/ Root of Evil Collective
AWK011 Recreant-Still Burn LP w/ Halo of Flies, IFB, Monday Morning & Dingleberry Records
AWK012 I’m An Intestine- Out Of Reach 7″ w/Financial Ruin
AWK014 Harsh Words- Plague Days 7″
AWK015 Dakhma- Raze LP w/ IFB Records

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